It is a contradiction in terms to assert that any man has a right to do wrong; the exercise of such a pretended right, is the absolute destruction of all right, and the first human being who commits violence, has already prepared for himself a hell of retailation, the justice of which, his own mind can never deny.Palmer, Elihu, Principles of nature Gb. 216 Secondly, inasmuch as this power has given to every man the ability of preserving and maintaining his own existence, it clearly follows, that all men are constituted independent of each other, they are created free, that no man can be subject, and no man sovereign, but that all men are the unlimited proprietors of their own persons.Palmer, Elihu, Principles of nature Gb. 219 Most of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false.Russell, Bertrand The rule is that each increment of material possessions brings less joy than the one that immediately preceded it. If one could quantify job, it is likely that a new pair of shoes brings more happiness to a child than a new car brings to a grown man. Also, the first car brings more joy than the second, and the second more than the third. H. L. Mencken said, “A man always remembers his first love. After that he begins to bunch them.”Harris, Thomas, I'm OK - You're OK pg. 143 School, unless it has truly competent teachers, is the place where scholastically the “rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”Harris, Thomas, I'm OK - You're OK pg. 162 It has been said that blaming your faults on your nature does not change the nature of your faults. Thus, “I am like that” does not help anything. “I can be different” does.Harris, Thomas, I'm OK - You're OK pg. 114


Different religious and cultural content can produce serious difficulties if each partner feels the strong need to abide by the unexamined dictates of his Parent. Sometimes this difference is glossed over in the early stage of a marriage, only to emerge with fierce urgency with the arrival of children.Harris, Thomas, I'm OK - You're OK pg. 134 The average marriage contract is a bad one, a fifty-fifty deal with emphasis on the bookkeeping.Harris, Thomas, I'm OK - You're OK pg. 136 Common relationship wreckers are absolute declarations of “That's the way I am - don't try to change me.” Holding to a rigid “I am a grouch before my first cup of coffee” blames a person's fault on his nature and not his nature on his faults. The “Grouch Before Coffee” racket ruins every morning in many families. What could be the best part of the day, a send-off with enthusiasm to the tasks ahead, is instead a miserable, hostile bedlam. The kids go off to school grumping, husband rushes off to work fumbling for his Tums, and mother feels let down because she just lost her captive audience. The fact is that no one has to be a grouch before his first cup of coffee or any other time. He has a choice..Harris, Thomas, I'm OK - You're OK pg. 138


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